Pick up at Santiago Airport and transfer to your hotel.

During the afternoon make your way to Barrio Bellavista and join your guide to start an adventure through the streets of Santiago. The classic urban art tour is a route designed to give an introduction to the subculture of Graffiti & Street art. On this route, in Santiago, we seek to provide a general knowledge about the roots of muralism and graffiti, the techniques used in South America vs. United States and Europe; the importance on the scene of our continent and the motivations to a general level of “Writers” and urban Painters.


Hotel Diego de Almagro Providencia in Santiago, breakfast included 


When you have finished your breakfast please make your way from the hotel to the meeting point to enjoy your day on how Chileans live their day to day.

Today you will have your ultimate city bike tour to discover the whole of Santiago in just one fun-packed day. On this adventure ride you will uncover the culture behind the boho streets of Barrio Bellavista, soon followed by the taste and colours of Santiago’s renowned food markets (all 3 of them).

We will take you to our favourite lunch spot (lunch itself is not included) for a leisurely feast filled with Chilean cuisine (and maybe a sneaky wine). Then, once your food is fully digested, we will hit the attractions that earn Santiago a spot in the history and travel books.

Here we will discuss important recent history about the Pinochet regime outside La Moneda and still have time to see the main sites downtown and enjoy the parklife.

Extra informatie:

Our tours are designed to be a cultural cruise that won’t overbear you with information, dates and irrelevant facts. You will not leave this tour with a headache, only a deep understanding of the city and the motivation to get out there and discover more for yourself.


Hotel Diego de Almagro Providencia in Santiago, breakfast included 


At the scheduled time we pick you up at your hotel and we transfer you to the airport to board flight to Calama.

Upon arrival you have a meet and greet with your guide. He will direct you to your bus for your transfer to San Pedro de Atacama.

This trip will take approximate an hour and 20 mins. Upon arrival you will be addressed to your selected hotel. The rest of the day is free for your leisure. 


Hotel Poblado Kimal in San Pedro de Atacama


In the morning we will visit the best landmark in the Atacama Desert 

On your visit to the driest desert in the world, you cannot miss the opportunity to see the geologically spectacular Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley). 

A couple of kilometers outside of San Pedro de Atacama, between the jagged rocks and unusual shapes of the Cordillera de la Sal (Salt Mountains), we find the Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), a geological wonder of the Los Flamencos National Reserve. During the tour, you can take in the extraordinary shapes of the landscape, which will make you feel as if you were walking on the moon. During the afternoon, you can enjoy the unbeatable views of the Andes and its volcanoes. As dusk falls you will be overwhelmed by the red and golden colors of the desert sky. All this results in a simply unforgettable tour. 


A tour of San Pedro’s main archeological landmarks 

Discover the origins and development of the Atacameño culture, with iconic sites such as Pucara de Quitor or the village of Tulor. 

San Pedro de Atacama is the archeological capital of Chile. Apart from its spectacular landscapes, its history is also a fundamental part of any visitor’s experience. We visit the most important archeological sites in the region and travel back in time to find out more about the origins of the Atacameño culture and the Lican Antai. 

Visit Pucará de Quitor, where an important part of Chilean history took place – the Battle of Quitor, which was one of the first battles between the Spanish and the indigenous people. Our stop at the Atacameña Farm will allow you to share with a tourist-friendly local family to try some local delicacies and learn about their agricultural traditions. We will then continue to the village of Tulor, the oldest settlement in the Atacama Salt Flats (dating from between A.D. 800 and B.C. 500), which has been miraculously preserved beneath the sand. Finally, we head to the center of San Pedro de Atacama, to head back to colonial times to visit the San Pedro Church, a National Monument, built from adobe clay, cactus wood, chañar and carob trees in 1745. 


Hotel Poblado Kimal in San Pedro de Atacama


The intense colors of the desert 

Discover the magical tones of the desert, with the imposing Piedras Rojas, the beautiful Chaxa, Miscanti and Miñiques Andean lagoons, and the extensive Atacama Salt Flats in the Los Flamencos National Reserve. 

The tour begins in Piedras Rojas, an impressive geological rock formation located in the Aguas Calientes Salt Flats. It will stun you with its fascinating and beautifully red colored landscape, caused by oxidized iron. 

We continue on towards the Altiplano to visit the Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons, which are located at over 4,200 meters above sea level. They are surrounded by impressive volcanoes which originate from the formation of the Andean mountain range, and are inhabited by a wide variety of wild birds. A truly surprising destination. 

We then visit the Chaxa Lagoon, a spectacularly beautiful setting, which is split into various clear water lagoons, inhabited by both Andean and James flamingos. Finally, before heading back, and enjoying the views of the Licancabur and Lascar volcanoes, we visit Toconao, a traditionally colonial-style village, famous for the bell tower, which has been declared as a National Monument, and the San Lucas church. 


Hotel Poblado Kimal in San Pedro de Atacama


Watch the sun rise in one of the most beautiful geothermic fields in the world 

On this exciting tour, we will visit the impressive Tatio Geysers, at 4000 meters above sea level on the Andean plateau. 

Our journey to the Altiplano starts in the early hours, so we can watch the sun rise in one of the most important geothermic fields in the world: the Tatio Geysers. There are over 70 geysers with pools of boiling water spurting vapor. It is best to see them first thing in the morning, so you can truly appreciate the beautiful contrast of colors between the intensely blue sky and the pristine vapor from the geysers. 

We will then enjoy a deserved breakfast in this amazing setting, in the shadows of the Andes. This will allow us to warm up, as the temperatures in the zone can range from -2° C to 24.5° C. We will then visit the Pozón Rústico, where you can enjoy the thermal spring waters from the mountains. 

On our way back to San Pedro de Atacama, we will travel through some beautiful landscapes, seeing the valleys, flora and fauna and maybe spot some of the local vicuñas and vizcachas – a real highlight. We will then head towards Puritama Hot Springs 

30 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama and 3,500 meters above sea level, is the Puritama River, where natural spring water from the mountains flows from underground water ways, heated up by the volcanic rocks to reach temperatures of over 33°C. 

Through the typical Pampa grass of the region, we discover this natural wonder. Eight different pools of varying temperatures and highly medicinal properties. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the refreshingly relaxing experience. 


Hotel Poblado Kimal in San Pedro de Atacama


At the scheduled time, we pick you up at your hotel and we transfer you to Calama Airport to board your flight and return to Santiago and connect with flight back home. 

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