Day 1 Arrival in Panama

On arrival at the International Airport you will clear immigration, get your bags, go through the customs scan of your bags and then exit into the Arrival lobby.

There will two be two sliding doors to choose from when you exit and the tourist information desk is in the middle of the arrival hall, this is where the driver will greet you. Look for a sign with your name on it.

It is about 1 hour driving to the Hotel. Check in and relax after your long flight.


Hotel Torres de Alba (including breakfast)


Just beside your Hotel to the left is a small super market to buy juice and water. In Panama most of the super markets are owned by Chinese immigrants therefore in Panama we say we go to the chino or where is the next chino when we are talking about a super market.

Day 2 Miraflores Locks + Casco Viejo

Today your driver/guide will be at the Hotel at 9:00 a.m., to start with the City tour you visit the Miraflores Locks (Panama Canal) and Casco Viejo (the colonial section of Panama City).

After the city tour you will be dropped off at your accommodation. If you prefer to stay in Casco Viejo just tell your driver, it is nice to stroll around this old part of town and watch the daily life or have a nice lunch. Later it will be easy for you to catch a taxi back home.

(If you do stay longer, please make sure to have the hotel address and directions with you as it is a very small bed and breakfast and not every taxi driver knows the way.)

Extra informatie:

The entrance fee for the Miraflores Locks is not included. Entrance to the locks $15-25 depends on the period and Canal Authorities.


Hotel Torres de Alba (including breakfast)


If you like your Beers you should visit La Rana Dorada they make delicious Panamanian Craft Beers. Their Pub is in Casco Viejo. Their snacks are very fine too.


Day 3 Transfer to Bocas del Toro

This morning after breakfast your transfer to the local airport is arranged. Check in is easy as we only have one local airline. The flight takes about 60 minutes and on arrival in Bocas we arranged a transfer to Bastimento.

Extra informatie:

Important notice: On flights to Bocas only 14 kg check-in luggage and 4 kg of hand luggage are allowed. Any extra weight you wish to carry on board, you’ll pay during the check-in and it will cost you around USD 3.00 per kilo.


In La Loma Jungle lodge, we reserved the Tee Trek cabin for you, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included (no drinks). Most of the food is grown right here on the farm.


If you need cash money, please use the ATM on the airport in Panama City. Very often the ATM in Bocas does not have any money and on your island there will be no ATM available.

Day 4 Caribbean waves & Cacao

You wake up in the beautiful lush green nature with the sound of the Caribbean waves.

Today you have a Cacao tour on your Property included. Your hosts will be happy to give you tips, everything always depends on the weather, maybe a visit to red frog beach, or Zapatillas island.

Extra informatie:

When visiting Bocas you pass by the Brewery and we welcome you to try one of the Bocas made craft beers.


La Loma Jungle lodge

Day 5 free day in paradise

Today you can enjoy a free day to explore this beautiful archipelago.

You can maybe rent an E-bike and cycle the main island and/or you can try to search for the red dart frog.


La Loma jungle  lodge

Day 6 Transfer to highest jungle Lodge of Panama

Today you are going back to the mainland.
Once on the mainland, your driver is waiting for you with a 4 by 4. He will bring you to the highest jungle lodge in Panama.

The drive is beautiful as you are passing by countryside scenery.


Mount Totumas.

Here you have breakfast, lunch and dinner included. All are  made with as much as local ingredients as possible, plus all nonalcoholic drinks are included as well. We reserved the Howler tree cabin for you.

Day 7 Free day in the Jungle

If you really want to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of this lush place, you should take 2 days off! So use these days to hike the trails of Mount Totuma lodge and enjoy the breath taking surrounding and the wildlife.

Extra informatie:

Tip: Hire a guide from Mount Totuma and try to spot the Quetzal bird howlers, spider monkeys, a crested hawk eagle, a lovely little trogon, and various other species of birds, amphibians and insects.

Day 9 Transfer to Panama City

(Sadly) It is time to leave this idyllic paradise and it’s time to explore new parts of the country. We have arranged a transfer to the airport in David.

From here you fly to Panama City in 50 minutes. On arrival a transfer is arranged for you to your hotel.


Best Western Zen Hotel (including breakfast)


Tip: At the airport a store they sell homemade jam from a local farm. These are great presents for home.

Day 10 Boat ride to Monkey island

This day will be an adventure again.
Around 08.30 we arranged a transfer to the Gamboa Pier at the Gatun lake, here you will enjoy a boat ride on the Gatun lake close to the Panama Canal, naturally you will visit monkey island.


Jungle Land Lodge.

You have a double room reserved. Lunch, dinner and breakfast plus nonalcoholic drinks are included.


Your hosts will explain you the free use of the kayak, the fishing line and the time for the wild life night spotting tour are also included for today.

Tip:  try to fish your own dinner, from the deck or by kayak

Day 11 last (free) day in Panama City

After breakfast you are going back to the city and a driver will bring you to Hotel Best Western Zen.
Your room might not be ready but you can store your luggage. This is your last day in the lively Panama City. Maybe you want to visit a mall or visit the Museum of Biodiversity or stroll through the streets of Casco Viejo. It’s up to you.

Extra informatie:

Why not go touristic today and go to Las Tinajas the local restaurant show with dances and music from the country. Yes it is a bit touristic but also lots of fun and the dances are traditional.


Hotel Best Western Zen


Do not forget to go to an ATM today to get some money for the next days.

Day 12 Unique train ride to Colon

This day is a special day! Your driver will take you to the Corozal station to take the Panama Canal train to Colon. It is a beautiful one hour drive. On arrival a taxi is waiting waiting for you to bring you to Bambu guesthouse.
You will stay in the area where, many years ago, the Pirates of the Caribbean were hiding and having parties. If you look around you might just understand why. This place still has not lost it’s charm and if you like diving this is one of the places you will enjoy.


Bambu guesthouse (including breakfast)

Aantal Overnachtingen: 2

Day 13 Pirate life

Today your local boatman is waiting to bring you to the most beautiful beach and enjoy the Caribbean relax feeling. You can feel like a Pirate yourself when sitting at the beach and enjoying the Caribbean view.

Extra informatie:

Do you know the story about the black Christ? The wooden image of Christ washed ashore in Portobelo and was picked up by fishermen. It was initially housed in a small church and venerated after the Iglesias de San Felipe was built, the statue was installed there.

Day 14 Return home

We hope you enjoyed Panama and have a safe flight.

A transfer to the airport is included


(exclusief internationale vluchten) 14 dagen
Reisvoorstel aanvragen

Deze reis is natuurlijk ook geheel naar jouw wensen aan te passen.
Genoemde prijzen zijn per persoon en gebaseerd op het laagseizoen.